Warmer-climate.net was registered on the 13th of July 2010 with DreamHost (who have been excellent and well worth my pennies spent!). It is the very first domain I've ever bought, as well as the first hosting plan. Previously I was hosted by online friends and didn't have much choice regarding the name of the site. I chose the name 'warmer climate' for two reasons - one, it is the title of a song by Snow Patrol that I absolutely love to bits, and second, it reminds me of how today's climate is changing due to the effects of global warming, something I studied at University and strongly believe in.

To begin with, the site was simply a personal site, with information about myself and pages displaying my (fairly average) graphic design talents, etc. Then it became an about me site, but with listings of my domains (even though I only had one at the time). I'm not even sure what version of the site this is now, but my web-design skills have improved since a couple of months ago (as of writing this in 2011) so I decided to completely revamp the site and make it not only my personal site, but domain collective as well, hence the version you are viewing now!

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