A Bit Of Web-Design History

I have been involved in website-building and web-design since around 2003, when I made my very first website for a Media Studies class in high school. The actual website was an incredibly simple one about Spiderman, and it was my first introduction to HTML. Ever since then I was always messing around with HTML and making (pretty shocking!) websites hosted by Geocities, Angelfire etc.

I tried to get involved in helping out at fansites, and scored a role as a newsposter for Pattinson Online, when it first opened in 2005! I was also the Administrator for the busy forum at Robert Pattinson Fan, around the time that he portrayed Cedric Diggory in Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire.

It wasn't actually until February 2007 that I opened my very first fanlisting collective called "Warmer Climate" (after the Snow Patrol song, as previously mentioned) at http://brightlycolored.net/climate. Hosted by a friend from livejournal, I was the owner of about 8 fanlistings, including the films Rick and Winter Solstice, the relationship between Cedric and Hermione from Harry Potter and the fanlisting for the city I live in, Adelaide.

Everything was going pretty swell, until in September 2007 when at around the same time that my host was moving to a new server (and wasn't sure if the files would be backed-up) I lost all my OWN files on our computer at home due to a virus/malfunction, and I didn't have the heart to get back into it after that! :'(

I took a break from websites for a while, until sometime in late 2008 when I started helping my livejournal friend Hider with her site, Matthew Lewis Fan (http://matthew-lewis.org). I ended up becoming co-web of the site, and then in February 2009 she handed the entire site over to me, which I was very honoured about! Unfortunately because of real-life, other internet responsibilities and lack of motivation, I stopped updating the site sometime in 2010 and let it die :(

Meanwhile, Hider had had some hosting spaces available and I asked if I might be able to set up my own personal site (and eventual fanlisting collective) and hence, http://planets.elevator-fragments.net was born in January 2009. More than a year later, however, I thanked Hider for her generosity and decided to buy my own domain, http://www.warmer-climate.net in July 2010, which brings you now up-to-date, and I haven't looked back since :)

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