Current Domains

A list of the domains that I currently own, including sites under construction, is displayed here (apart from, which is talked about on this page). Sub-domains, if applicable and/or important, are also listed. All sites were registered with DreamHost unless otherwise noted.
Planets Bend Between Us

Registered: 13th July 2010

Description: For those familiar with The Fanlistings Network, this is the sub-domain of where my fanlisting collective exists. It displays fanlistings I have joined, owned (like Diego Luna, as pictured), or are in the process of being constructed, as well as a wishlist and keep in mind section.
Shahrizoda Fan

Registered: 1st January 2013

Description: Shahrizoda - who the heck are they, you may be asking? They are a music group from Uzbekistan. Why don't you click on the site and find out more? This website is basically complete apart from the Lyrics page. I really want to finish that off at some stage...

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